Inspire HCA Nursing App - December 05, 2019

Andrea Abbott, RN

HCA Healthcare is pleased to introduce and spotlight nursing colleague, Andrea Abbott, RN. Andrea is the medical surgical services director at affilliate Medical City Frisco in Frisco, TX. Please take a few moments to read about her nursing career and journey below.

1.) Why did you choose to be a nurse?

I chose the nursing profession due to the interaction with people. You are always engaged with others and your goal is to help them heal. It is the most respectful, trustworthy career you can find. It's a lifelong journey that I always knew I wanted to be a part of.

2.) When and where did you begin your career with HCA Healthcare?

HCA Healthcare's Medical City Plano was my first healthcare job. I started as a PCT in nursing school then became a RN and I have had the pleasure to being with HCA Healthcare ever since.

3.) Have you taken on new roles since being hired?

Yes; I was a supervisor in the Medical City Plano rehab and was instrumental to opening that unit. When Medical City Plan acquired Frisco, I came to the new facility, transitioning it from prior ownership to HCA Healthcare.

4.) Which national certification did you choose and why?

I chose the CRRN certification. I took on a new role in a new specialty, I worked hard to learn all I could, and I challenged myself to become certified.

5.) What have you learned about nursing during your career?

There is always something new. New medicines, new best practices, new methodologies. It is a career that never stagnates.

6.) If you weren't a nurse, what would be your profession?

Hmm...that's difficult for me because nursing, engaging with people and helping others is what I enjoy doing and what I always knew I might do. I had some great role models that helped guide me.

7.) What does #CareLikeFamily mean to you?

Every patient, every patient family member, everyone you encounter….care for them as if they were your own mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, child. Care for your patient as if they were your family member.

8.) Tell us about a significant moment that you made you proud to be a nurse.

Surprisingly it is not a moment where I made a difference in a patient's life, it was a moment where my actions made a difference in a young nurse's life. That _ahha_ moment when they were able to see the big picture.

9.) What's your advice to nurses starting out?

Be patient. You have worked so hard to get here. The real education comes the first couple of years in your career. You think you know everything you need, but you don't. Listen to your peers, they are there to help you. Everyone has a different perspective and that is valuable. Everyone around you wants to see you succeed.

Exterior of Medical City Frisco building