Inspire HCA Nursing App - December 31, 2019

A little over two months ago, HCA Healthcare's purpose-driven brand was launched on Feb. 25, 2019. Many of you hosted watch parties, and we're thankful to those who sent in photos showing the excitement that surrounded the monumental day.

Brand architecture: why it matters

Great brands create unity and include a visual identity which clearly shows the relationship between all business units, teams, programs, products and more. To learn more surrounding HCA Healthcare's purpose-driven brand, please see Sam Hazen's email below that was sent to all colleagues on Feb. 25, 2019. Thank you to our nursing colleagues for living out HCA Healthcare's purpose-driven brand

Dear HCA Healthcare Colleagues,

No matter where you work, no matter what your role, you are a part of HCA Healthcare. Though we span 21 states and two countries, we are all part of one incredible story about 270,000 talented and diverse colleagues, united in a mission to care for and improve human life. We are grounded in a culture that is patient-focused and compassionate, and we are supported by an organization whose unique scale unlocks possibilities.

It's a great story--but one that very few people have heard. Today, that starts to change.

As we invest more than ever in achieving our mission, the time is right to launch a strategy that will help us tell our story more broadly. We want our colleagues, our physicians, our payers and others to better understand how we connect through a combined purpose and benefit from the larger enterprise that is HCA Healthcare. Today marks an exciting day for HCA Healthcare: the kickoff of our new purpose-driven brand, which defines why we exist, what we do and how we operate as an organization.

The new enterprise brand belongs to all of us. It will reinforce our connection to each other. Our new HCA Healthcare brand does not mean that we are going to change the names or brands at our facilities. What it will do is underscore and support the brands and reputation you have already built by connecting us all with a common purpose.

It is easy to think that we work for a company, a hospital, an outpatient facility or even a department, but our reality says something else. We work for patients. We work to improve more lives in more ways. We work for our physicians. We work for our communities. We work for each other. We work for the future. Together, like no one else, we can have a positive impact on our patients and each other.

Your work--and the work of our colleagues--makes up the remarkable story of HCA Healthcare.

Over the coming days and months, you will begin to see and hear a clearer and more consistent story about HCA Healthcare. You will see examples of who we are, what we stand for, who we work for and why we are different from other healthcare organizations.

Thank you for being a part of this special moment in HCA Healthcare's history, and thank you for the work you do every day to care for and improve human life.

Yours Sincerely,
Sam Hazen, CEO